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Deffinately hope that this continues as strongly as it has started, because it would be a massive shame if it didn't. Not often do I watch something on Newgrounds and hope that another is made but the story is too good not to continue.

...... Wow!!

That has so far been one of the best flashs I have ever watched.
You got some amazing angles going, shows the action perfectly. And the action scenes are very well planed out.
The music suited the atmosphere of the whole thing but most of all the story is what has kept me watching.
Just wish I could have watched it all in high quality.

Keep up the amazing work, you gotta make more. ^ ^

Get-lost responds:

Will do! Thanks

Cannot wait for the series.

Like a guy said earlier, I have three things to look forward to in December though, x-mas, b-day and this. n.n
I love the the style and I am sure you will have an amazing story in the series.

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Now that's neat.

From what I have seen, this is a realy well put together puzzle flash, easy to play and relaxing to boot.

These games are awesome!

Have played all and completed all, although I feel this was the best so far and the only one I managed to find all of the secrets, is nice to know where some ones inspiration comes from for things like this.

Anyway, great games and I hope you decide to make more in the future.

Amazing idea!!

Something worth putting in my favs. I think I will be using this alot in the future cause I love listening to the music in the audio portal, some really good stuff in there and now a tool to get random ones.

Glad some one came up with this, keep up the good work.

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Very HL

This really wouldn't be out of place if it was used in the HL2 series, the beat to me made it seem more of a chase scene, and deffinately gives the feel of running trough a combine filled area while trying to hide from them.

Good work on this, deffinately keep it up.

vai90 responds:

I'm glad you share my visions.^^
Thx a lot!

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Always nice to see some Moo. :D

Told you, you have more dedication and motivation than me. :D

Just a mediocre illustrator, uh, mostly 18+ junk so i'm sorry if you ended up here from something not lewd. :S

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